LifetimeDeal.org (Azcom Solution) Payment Agent

For the purposes of this Agreement, the relationship between Azcom Solution, Seller and buyer is that of a collector payment agent. Azcom Solution shall collect payments for the Seller Services, remit payment to Seller after such payment from the buyer is received minus any fees, and assist in providing refunds to buyer. All payments for Seller Services may be held for a period of time to ensure proper performance of all Seller Services before they are released to Seller. Seller agrees that as a collector payment agent, Azcom Solution may accept payments from buyer and manage payments or refunds for any Seller Services. Both the Sellers and Azcom Solution agree that no other agency relationship is formed between Azcom Solution and Sellers. Except as expressly stated otherwise, Seller agrees that it is not a partner, joint venture, franchisee, agent, or employee of Azcom Solution. Seller agrees that it shall not misrepresent its relationship with Azcom Solution to any third parties.

Seller Fees and Charges

Once payment for any Seller Services has been received and the Order has been confirmed by Seller, Azcom Solution shall hold such payments for a reasonable period of time to verify payment. Seller must complete the Seller Services as required as by each Order before payments shall be released to the Seller’s account. After such time period, Seller shall be issued payment in the method provided for by Azcom Solution. Azcom Solution shall deduct a service fee, commission, processing fees and other deductions as necessary from all payments made to Seller. Azcom Solution reserves the right to change and alter any fees or commissions at any time, if Azcom Solution alters such commission or fee structure it shall contact Seller. In the event of a dispute between Seller and Azcom Solution, Seller agrees that Azcom Solution may withhold all funds until such dispute is resolved.

Service Fees

  1. Power Seller & Verified user – $5
  2. Product or Service Featured – $1
  3. Product or Service Featured at Banner Single Listing Page – $1-$3/Month

Buyer Fees and Charges

Membership Deals – LifetimeDeal.org have 3 membership account.

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