Brief list of FAQs

Is it safe to buy from your website?

Of course yes, our website came with SSL Certificate, which protects sensitive information entered into that site as it travels from the site to a server. Please ready our term of service and privacy policy to get more clear. You also can get our information directly by contact page. We are using PayPal payment gateway, which mean it double safe for your money.

Why your price is more cheaper from product owner page?

It a good question, first we have 2 tier seller ;

  1. First developer (Product owner)

Who are owned digital product or service. They can offer all range of client account such as ;

1. Selling account per user
2. Selling agency account
3. Lifetime Service Subscription
4. Provide White Label Product
5. Responsible in support, tutorial, documentation and product update.

We make a direct deal with this person who have potential product in market. We push the support in marketing and introduce to business owner or online marketer. If their see the future of the product, they will invest to the developer and they will get service package base on developer offer. It more like crowdfunding but both party got the benefit.

        2. Reseller

Who are purchase digital product or service with agency account and have a license from developer as reseller right. Normally with this package come with white label, where reseller can rebranding using their own brand name.

1. Selling account per user
2. Support and update by reseller and first line – developer/creator

They can create personal user account and selling without limit the price.