WordPress Security Service

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Buy new premium security plugin. Choose your best, no part for malware.

  • iThemes Security Pro 1 Year License and warranty activation

What are WordPress Security Service?
This is service installation with valid original license for WordPress security plugin.

Why your price is too cheap?
You are going to buy SERVICE INSTALLATION WITH VALID ORIGINAL LICENSE. We are selling service here, we not provide any plugin to download and license key.

What are different your service with other site?
All our plugin and theme have an unlimited activation license and lifetime update through WordPress update. With purchase this service, you agree to appoint us as your developer of your website. What are you cannot get is original support by first developer. If you have any issue about the plugin, please find the solution at developer page or Facebook group. If you require to developer support, please buy new personal license.

What are the warranty or guarantee after purchased?
Purchase this service, you will get plugin installation and activation with valid original license. All the work will be done by me as your developer. Warranty only cover for license installation with valid original license within 1 year after date of purchased.

How many website can i install?
Every purchase is valid for one (1) website or domain or sub-website or sub-domain. If you want install more than 1, please purchase separately.

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