Checklist Point Pre-Launch WordPress for Beginners

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Checklist Point Pre-Launch WordPress for Beginners

The 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch Checklist For Beginners
Once you have your WordPress developed and it’s waiting to be revealed to the
world this is the checklist you grab to make sure you’ve crossed all the t’s and
dotted all the i’s.

  1. Back It Up
    Take it from me, the fastest way to the loonie bin is creating an awesome
    website, not backing it up, having something go wrong and losing everything.
    There is no excuse not to backup your website these days because it’s so easy.
    Just install a plugin. Here are a couple to get you started: (1)
    BackUpWordPress (Free & Paid) (2) BackupBuddy (Paid), (3) WordPress Backup To Dropbox.
  2. Double Check Your Content
    Take a minute or two (or a half hour if you have lots of content before launch)
    and double check that all your content is structured as it should be.
    Are all the posts and pages there? Are the permalinks set properly? Are the
    post tags and categories correct? Are the submission forms working? You get
    the idea.
    Pro Tip: Do your testing in a different browser so that you can do it while
    NOT signed into your WordPress admin area. You can be logged in one
    browser and logged out in the other. 
  3. Update To The Latest Version Of WordPress
    The latest releases of WordPress have security patches, maintenance updates
    and other goodies that help your site run more safely.
    So, make sure you update before your site goes live AND make sure you update
    whenever there is one available. 
  4. Upgrade Plugins and Themes
    Just like you should update WordPress itself, make sure you update plugins
    and themes. Among the most common entry vectors for hackers are security
    exploits found in out-of-date plugin and theme files.
    Long story short, update before you go live AND update whenever an update is
    There’s nothing worse than an update going wrong (which happens
    sometimes). Make sure you backup your website files and database before
    you update WordPress core files, plugins or themes.
    Watch these two tutorials to learn how to backup your site (1) with a plugin,
    (2) without a plugin. 
  5. Make Sure The Site Is Responsive
    A responsive website is one whose layout and contents change based on the
    screen size of the visitor’s device. If a website is fully responsive it will be
    readable and usable on any gizmo.
    I know that sounds like a given, but it’s actually a very difficult thing to get
    right. To test responsiveness you can use Google’s Mobile Friendliness test.
    Here’s a video tutorial on how to run this test properly. 
  6. Cross-Browser Compatibility
    This type of testing ensures that your website works and is usable in as many
    different browsers as possible (preferably all of them). If you have multiple
    browsers installed on your system then you can test in those.
    It’s smart to use online tools to help with testing. Check out Simply enter your URL on that website and check
    the box beside the browsers you want to test. Currently you can test in over
    150 browsers and browser versions! 
  7. Secure Your Site
    Over 50,000 WordPress sites are hacked every day, so it’s VERY important that
    you take your site security seriously. I suggest that you install and configure
    the Wordfence plugin and then Sucuri plugin to get a solid security foundation. 
  8. Change The Admin Email
    The admin email is found inside your WordPress admin panel. On the left hand
    side menu hover over Settings then click General. You will find the admin
    email address on that page.
    A lot of plugins, including Wordfence, will send notifications to that email
    address. So make sure it’s one that you monitor. 
  9. Make Sure Your Site Is ‘Crawlable’
    Under Settings >> Reading inside your admin panel there is a little known
    setting that causes a lot of frustration. It is designed to stop search engines
    from crawling and indexing your website during the design phase. If you
    forget to uncheck the box labelled “Discourage search engines from indexing
    this site” during your prelaunch you may get very little search engine traffic
    and not know why. MAKE SURE IT’S UNCHECKED! 
  10. Check Page Load Speed
    Use Google Page Speed Insights to improve your page. It’s good for user
    experience and it’s a ranking factor in the Google search engine. Here’s a
    tutorial for finding out if a specific plugin is causing your page speed problems. 
  11. Compress Images All Images
    One quick and easy way to improve page speed is to compress all of the JPGs
    and PNGs on your website. You can do this manually or you can install a
    plugin on your site that will compress all the images for you.
    Many of our clients use WP with great results. See this blog post on
    how to set it up. 
  12. Check For Broken Links
    This is a very important step. It is easy for links to break when moving a site
    from a development environment to a live server.
    Install the Broken Link Checker Plugin to find all the broken links on your
  13. Check All Internal & External Links
    You probably did this is in the testing environment, but it’s always good to do
    one last pre-launch check to make sure that all links are going where they are
    supposed to.
    The link checker from the last point only checks if a link works; it doesn’t
    check whether it’s going to the right place or not.
    Make sure all links that leave your website are set to open in a new window
    and have the rel=”nofollow” HTML attribute if you don’t want to pass link juice
    to them. 
  14. White Label The Site (Optional)
    If you are developing the website for your client you can use the Legacy –
    White Label WordPress Admin Theme on Code Canyon plugin to white label
    the admin area of the WordPress site so that all support information takes the
    client to back to your business when they need help. 
  15. Check For Proper SEO
    There is a lot that goes into make sure your website is SEO friendly. The first
    step was making sure your website is ‘crawlable’ (see step #9). Following that,
    you’ll need to make sure your permalinks are set to the /%postname%/.
    Then, you’ll need to do keyword research for all the pages you publish to make
    sure that you are targeting keywords that actually receive searches in search
    With your super-high traffic keywords in hand, make sure that the keyword is
    found in the title of the page or post, in the URL and in the content. Then
    create the meta description and meta keywords.This crash course will get you started with WordPress SEO, if you want to
    know more check this out.


  16. Disable Coming Soon Page
    If you have a coming soon page, make sure you turn it off. Our clients like to
    use the SeedPro Coming Soon Page Plugin. It makes coming soon pages and
    maintenance pages super easy and beautiful.
  17. Go Live!!!
    This is the last step! Congrats on making it this far on your journey towards a
    successful website 🙂
    Now it’s time to kick back with your favorite drink and celebrate this
    When you’re done celebrating, it’s time to get back to work because once your
    website is live, that’s when the real work starts!
Checklist Point Pre-Launch Wordpress for Beginners
Checklist Point Pre-Launch Wordpress for Beginners 1

The 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch Checklist For Beginners Once you have your WordPress developed and it’s waiting to be revealed to the world this is the c

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